As your value-added manufacturing solution, Zepher delivers comprehensive development, production, and sustainment services to innovative markets, emerging businesses, and innovative OEMs.

Zepher offers a wide range of engineering support, assembly, and project management services.  Our mission is to be our customers’ production solution by providing high quality, cost effective, and on-time services in any stage of the product life cycle.

Our customers have grown by innovating groundbreaking products. We have grown by innovating comprehensive systems to consistently produce and deliver those products.

Strategic partnerships with some of the brightest engineers and consultants in the Pacific Northwest allow us to scale operations as needed and effectively achieve the broad capabilities of a “one stop shop” while retaining the lean labor rates, skills and consistency of narrowly focused specialists. Zepher has become a full service product development and realization firm for its customers without the costs normally assumed by vertically integrated organizations. This alternative structure yields an agile, adaptive contract manufacturer providing high levels of flexibility within regimented industries and precise project management responsibilities.

Over nearly a decade of aerospace oriented manufacturing, Zepher’s company structure has been finely tuned to excel at consistently producing to the highest standards of quality. An established culture of easily accessible feedback empowers our employees, pulling from individuals’ direct experience, to drive collective innovation. The result is a continually evolving production management system, improving the quality, cost, and lead-time of each product we build.

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