Driving Innovations in Consistency

    With AS9100 certification at its core, our QC Department takes the time-tested principles of consistent production and weaves them into our working model.

    The Zepher QC department doesn't just check boxes and file paperwork. They are a driving force, setting the standards high so that our processes must continually improve to meet them. Multidisciplinary products require a highly involved quality department; but, we don't strive to look over shoulders monitoring for mistakes. Instead, we generate a culture that identifies and addresses potential quality issues before they affect end products. Company-wide access to feedback loops allows Zepher employees to easily report and act on any observed issues as they occur. The result is steadily evolving processes, achieving greater efficiencies in real time.


    Robust Documentation Supporting Comprehensive Manufacturing

    At Zepher, we build to print, meaning that we meet or surpass our customers’ quality expectations with each and every delivery. Robust documentation sets clear standards for the manufacturing, assembly, and testing processes, enabling Zepher employees and partners to perform consistently from the get-go. Experience with projects ranging from prototypes to turn-key builds has substantiated the value of thorough design review. Identifying potential production complications before they occur allows us to bring defect free product to market on tight timelines.


    Strategic Sourcing

    A broad network of vendor partnerships throughout the Northwest enables Zepher's procurement staff to select the ideal supplier for any given component. Extensive work history and ongoing relationships with our vendors informs the sourcing process, offering insights into our vendors’ ability to consistently deliver as customer demand changes. Coupled with Zepher’s QC department, our vendor management program evaluates potential sources on both objective and subjective terms. Empirical evidence collected through the Zepher Quality Management System confirms the consistency and quality of deliveries. Notable actions of vendors recorded through the Zepher QMS reveal what the numbers may not. Only achievable through years of experience with vendors, this information sheds invaluable light, enabling ideal source selection and subsequently eliminating bottlenecks before they ever occur.


    Comprehensive Project Management

    Project management is the cornerstone of Zepher's company structure. In addition to managing schedule, scope, and quality, Zepher project managers serve as the primary build technicians for their product line. This highly involved working style changes the landscape for communication, as PMs can address each stage of the production cycle from a level of direct personal experience. As products move from design through delivery, PMs build product profiles. Utilizing our custom QMS, information pertaining to each and every build is compiled in a singular location. PMs utilize this information to streamline their processes and improve quality. Robust product profiles serve as a hedge against inconsistency, allowing for a seamless flow of product delivery in the case of unexpected departure or repositioning of employees.


    Ensuring Longevity

    Consistently delivering defect free goods starts with the development of an independent quality plan for each product we build. All parts sourced by our procurement teams are evaluated for potential risk factors and failures. Based on this analysis, the Zepher QC Department works with suppliers and our own project managers to establish mandatory testing procedures at varying stages of production. As individual subcomponents and subassemblies are completed, they are tested for full functionality. Any non-conforming assemblies are logged within our QMS, alerting the QC team to address recurring issues at their source. Having tested all critical components throughout the production process, final testing solutions are custom engineered to push the limits of product capability. From high-pressure hydraulic assemblies to UAV launchers, we bring products to the edge of their comfort zone then demand flawless performance.

  • All-Inclusive Delivery

    Extensive experience in defense and aerospace has defined what Zepher considers to be a deliverable good. Every product we produce is designed, sourced, assembled, and tested to the highest standards of quality. Resulting documentation surpasses the most stringent of compliance requirements, whether government or private sector. Maintaining traceability of every assembly and sub-assembly that we build is a standard operating procedure. Compliance and testing reports generated internally and by our manufacturing partners are serialized, filed for our records, and included with your delivery package. Certificates of conformance achieved through rigorous testing serve as the seal of Zepher quality manufacturing. Whether your end product needs to be boxed, crated, or trailered, it will leave our production floor ready for drop shipment direct to your customer.