The experts in taking your idea to production.

Our customers have grown by innovating groundbreaking products. We’ve grown by innovating systems to consistently produce and deliver those products with excellence.

Zepher’s vertically integrated manufacturing process is delivered by our professional, cross-trained work force. This workforce, partnered with our innovative customers and other subject matter experts, allows us to scale production and provide high levels of flexibility and program management within regimented industries.

The result is a continually evolving production management system, improving the quality, cost and lead-time of each product we build.

We are experts in


Turnkey Solutions

Complex, multi-discipline system and subsystem turnkey assemblies are the day-to-day routine at Zepher. Our experienced team lowers your production risks.

System Integration

Zepher goes beyond component manufacturing. We build complex platforms by integrating all subsystems into a fully functioning product, and our project managers deliver the compliance and documentation that goes with it.

Product Realization

By leveraging our engineering expertise, iterative prototyping and customized testing services, Zepher Labs can turn your concept into a functional reality. From there, our technology transition and production services can take you directly to fielding and sustainment.

Supply Chain Management

Our processes allow us to seamlessly manage the logistics of our supply chain from the moment of project initiation to final product fulfillment. Avoid vendor headaches with our procurement services.

Engineering Design and Support

From concept through production, our Z-Labs team can help you bring emerging technologies into reality. These supporting services include design for manufacturing, production process development, aerospace and mechanical design, and technical package reviews.

Quality Systems

Our commitment to quality without compromise is sustained by employee engagement in our processes, strong investment in technology and management leadership. Meeting customer requirements and exceeding expectations, while providing quality products for over a decade, has made Zepher uniquely qualified in the management of delivering quality products.

Prototyping Services

Our experience in creating product prototypes enables us to quickly iterate through design-build- test cycles to build multiple prototypes within tight timeframes. This understanding of prototype engineering also enables us to help you predict what should happen in the manufacturing and building process, allowing you to make quick decisions that reduce turnaround time on your prototypes.


Our comprehensive production services also include build-to-print manufacturing. If you need help scaling an existing design within your current supply chain, our team can evaluate your product to offer our services and suggestions to streamline the process, potentially saving you time and money in the long run.

Custom Testing Solutions

Just as all our customers have different manufacturing needs, each of their products has different functional requirements. Zepher creates customized testing solutions for each product we deliver to ensure the systems leaving our facility fully meet our customers’ performance expectations.

New Technology Transition

Many new aerospace and defense products fail to reach production levels, despite succeeding throughout development. This is called the Valley of Death, and Zepher’s experience transitioning new technologies through LRIP gives your platforms the best chance to survive. Our Zepher Labs was created to lead innovators through the Valley of Death.

Composites Fabrication

To better serve companies developing innovative products, we provide all of the services required to design and manufacture advanced composite assemblies. By bringing these critical processes in-house, we’re able to fully manage production timelines and continually monitor product quality.

CNC Machining

We take great pride in offering full-service production solutions at all stages of the product life cycle. Zepher’s in-house machining capabilities enable us to influence production timelines and rapidly innovate and manufacture with a wide range of materials.