With Zepher Labs,
no design is no problem.

There are times when you need more than a manufacturer or integrator. Maybe you’re a small firm with an idea but need help with the next step. Or maybe you’re a large firm with a tight turnaround and maximized resources. Zepher Labs can help.

Zepher Labs is the problem-solving arm of Zepher. If you have an idea, Zepher Labs delivers the collaboration, engineering, design and product development you need to get that idea off the drawing board and onto the production floor. Our years of manufacturing experience combined with our engineering expertise, ensures your design solution will be ready for scaled production after initial prototype.

In fact, many new aerospace and defense products fail to reach production levels, despite succeeding throughout development. This is called the Valley of Death, and Zepher’s experience transitioning new technologies through LRIP give your platforms the best chance to survive.

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