With Zepher Labs,
no design, no problem.

There are times when you need more than contract manufacturing or build-to-print drone assembly. Maybe you’re a small firm with an idea but need help with a proof of concept or full product realization. Or perhaps you’re a large company with tight deadlines and a need for more reliable manufacturing logistics support. Either way, Zepher Labs can help.

Zepher Labs is the problem-solving arm of Zepher. If you have an idea, Zepher Labs delivers the collaboration, engineering, design for manufacturing, and product realization you need to get that idea off the drawing board and onto the production floor. Two decades of custom contract manufacturing experience, combined with our vast engineering expertise, enables Zepher to deliver design solutions and prototypes ready for scalable and sustainable production.

New aerospace and defense products often fail to reach production, despite successful development. This phenomenon is known as the “Valley of Death.” Zepher’s proven success transitioning new technologies to full product realization, gives your projects the best chance to survive. Zepher can create a new proof of concept or enhance your current product and get it into production faster.

For a case study in product transition that’s very close to home, see Zepher Flight Laboratories. “ZFL” was spun out of a Zepher R&D effort. They are now developing a new generation of VTOL UAS technologies resulting in improved manufacturability and maximized product utility. Zepher Flight’s two variants have features that include a reduced acoustic signature, extended endurance, and reliability. Reduced life-cycle costs and increased operability in austere environments is another benefit.