Efficient contract manufacturing solutions.
No matter the industry.

With years of custom manufacturing and product realization work in aerospace, defense, and autonomous systems, Zepher is experienced at producing to the highest quality and most demanding standards. We offer the same product integrity and customer satisfaction, regardless of industry. Our fine-tuned process is geared toward manufacturing development in highly regulated industries including the US Military.

If you need help bringing a product or proof of concept to reality, let us show you what Zepher can do. We can make your product better and get it into production faster.

Extensive experience working with:


Aerospace Manufacturing

We’re experts at building ground support equipment, aircraft support equipment, military aircraft assemblies, and production tooling. Zepher also provides design for manufacturing and manufacturing logistics support on all programs.


Whether air, ground, maritime, or space, all defense systems require specialized expertise in design for manufacturing. They also require assembly, integration, and manufacturing logistics while controlling data access and end-to-end cybersecurity.

Zepher provides proof of concept through build-to-print production capabilities and will develop custom manufacturing build-to-spec processes for the more sophisticated and challenging design concepts. As an example, Zepher Flight Labs is currently developing and testing an entirely new VTOL UAV platform for the military. For more info, please visit zepherflight.com.



The need for product realization and custom manufacturing within complex electromechanical systems exist in many industries, including the commercial and industrial markets. Zepher can develop solutions to difficult problems in any quality-driven industry. 

Autonomous Systems

Zepher’s core capability is to design, prototype, and custom manufacture autonomous systems (aerial, ground, maritime, and space) and their support equipment. Zepher Flight Labs, our newest endeavor, is currently developing and testing an entirely new VTOL UAV platform for the military. 


Integrating mechanical and electrical systems is where Zepher excels. Turnkey deliveries are our core competency. Contact us to find out how we can help with your next manufacturing project.