Our quality control process is our core. It’s what sets us apart.

With AS9100 standards for aerospace manufacturing as our guide, Zepher designs, sources, assembles, integrates, and tests to the highest standards. Quality to us means engaged team members, standardized processes, and a passion for continuous improvement. We strictly adhere to customer requirements and strive to exceed expectations for quality and delivery.

Concise documentation sets clear standards for all manufacturing development, assembly, integration, and testing procedures, allowing our employees and partners to succeed and improve consistently. The result is a final product that exceeds expectations and arrives on time.

Our Process


Quality Systems

We encourage and strive for innovation and improvement, enabling us to continually meet and exceed customer requirements. Each individual at Zepher is committed to discovering new efficiencies, leading to consistently higher standards. This results in a steadily evolving process that achieves greater results with reduced costs and product realization timelines. A process we are replicating with our newest initiative, Zepher Flight labs.

Design Review

Our established design process guarantees milestones and deliverables are met through meticulous design review at critical junctures. Expertise in projects ranging from prototypes and proof of concepts to build-to-print drone assemblies, aircraft support equipment and other aerospace manufacturing projects have all been perfected and maintained thorough our design and development process. Identifying potential production complications before they occur allows us to deliver defect-free products while meeting tight deadlines.


Our supply chain management team works closely with our engineering and project management teams to identify the ideal supplier for a component or service. By evaluating both long-time partners and new suppliers to choose the right fit based on the need, capability, capacity, and consistency of delivery, we reduce manufacturing bottlenecks and risks before they ever occur.


Zepher’s project managers serve as the primary build technicians for their product line, managing technical requirements, schedule, scope, and quality. This highly structured approach to custom manufacturing improves communication between stakeholders, allowing the project managers to directly address each stage of the product realization cycle.


Consistently delivering defect-free products and manufacturing logistics requires a robust plan. Every subcomponent and subassembly completed is tested for functionality according to customer standards. Whether build-to-spec or build-to-print, functional and acceptance testing of finished products is a significant part of Zepher’s custom manufacturing development service.

All-Inclusive Delivery

We deliver every product to the highest standards of quality. Whether the end product needs to be boxed, crated, or trailered, it will leave our production floor ready for drop shipment direct to you or your customer, complete with compliance documentation, testing reports, and conformance certificates that serve as Zepher’s seal for quality contract manufacturing. Turnkey deliveries are our core competency.